Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Perspective


Well....there is no better way to get me going and motivated than to do Nester's 31 days.  I figured if I had to do a post every single day of this month I could have no excuses, I would have to fight the laziness and just do it!!! 

My 31 days will be on "PERSPECTIVE" the home.

It started with this post I did  a couple weeks ago.  I have been thinking a lot about perspective.  I had a huge incident happen this year that made me think of the true me, of the things that are the most important in life.  I feel like some days I am doing life at its best and others I feel like I am gasping for air.  Its the "I should have done this" or "why didn't I do that" or "why didn't I do this better."  The things I have no control over.  The things I can't change.  

But during my freak out tirades I stopped short and came to my senses.  In the whole scheme of things who cares about all this stuff.  But what really matters is whether or not I showed love and compassion.  Did I lift others up? Did I bring joy to others? Did I spend quality time with my sweet kids and hubby? Am I content with what I have and how my home looks?

And most importantly...lets take it easy on ourselves. Be patient with ourselves. 

Hopefully these freak outs give me a different perspective, allow me to ponder and gain an understanding that I don't think I would have had otherwise.

Cheers to 31 days of perspective....


  1. How do you sign up via email? Thanks

  2. You go Girl! SO, so glad to be participating with you and so many other creatively wonderful women during The Nester's 31-Days!