Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals for 2012

They say if you write down your goals you are more likely to accomplish them and in my case have some accountability. I wanted to link up to 'Nester's home goals' and hopefully be able to finish these projects plus many more this year. I love how the month of January makes you feel like you are on top of the world and can accomplish anything...fingers crossed.

The most important goal this year, and hopefully sooner than later, is to get new carpet in my whole house! This is #1 and if this is all that happens this year then I am one happy gal. (not really)

1. In my living room I want to switch that ugly chandelier that came with the home for something that makes a statement. (The first chandelier is from Ballard Designs and the second one is from Pottery Barn). Striped curtains would be a dream because not only do I love anything black and white but these would make a statement. I'm also hoping to build some will get done.

2. My windows need warmth and I love the look of bamboo blinds, so this is another cha-chinger! (is that a word??)

3. I currently have all the kids toys in a room. It works but I want something warm, fun and creative. I don't know what I want to do yet but I do know I don't want to spend too much. I think this will be a garage sale, around the house, DIY, thrift store type project. Should be fun!

4. The kitchen is the biggest project. Padlock the wallet!!! But it will make such a difference in our home. We just finished painting out cabinets. Wowzers...that was a big project. Now I want to focus on small expensive details. I definitely need knobs and pulls for the cabinets. I would love new counter tops, and I keep wanting to lean towards butcher block but long term I don't think its the best choice. I would love to buy the farmhouse single kitchen sink from Ikea but that involves a new faucet and a bit of cabinet reconfiguration...its a big sink that needs more room than the current one I have.

5. Another big change would be in our guest/kids bathroom. I would love a smaller pedestal sink since its really a small space, the one pictured is from Pottery Barn. I would love to add bead-board all around the wall and then do black and white stripes like the inspiration picture. I want to take out the big builder grade mirror and add a nice round one or something more custom.

6. I have a few items that need to be painted, this sweet table was purchased at a thrift store over a year ago and it still remains to be painted. The Anne Sloan Chalk paint can is sitting pretty in the more excuses Liz!

In the end, I need money...a lot of it. Who knows how much I will be able to accomplish this year but what I do know is I want to take it step by step, be thorough and not get over my head. The hardest part is; I am NOT a patient person, at all. Keep checking back on me and see what happens...Happy Goal Setting!

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  1. Hi-Found you over at Nester's 2012 party and I'm your newest follower-can't wait to see what 2012 brings to all of us-stop over for a visit! Claire