Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letters for Santa

One of the many activities for Christmas that my kids, well two of the four, are excited to do is write a letter to Santa.  And I am feeling guilty even as a type this because I have been putting it off. No good reason really. But thank goodness for Pinterest because they have provided me with an endless amount of options and now I really have no excuse to deprive my sweet little's anymore.

I thought I would share some links just in case any of you were on the same boat...

Just perfect..

printable christmas letter writing set
This one is an actual writing set. Three different paper designs and each one has a matching envelope. And you can get the sheets lined or un-lined-perfect for those learning to write.

This blog has three different designs and they come in color or black and white (cute for kids that want to color it on their own)

Holiday Christmas Gift Wish List Free Printable
Living Locurto
These are especially great for little hands because you can give the kids toy catalogues and they can cut and glue  Three different options is even better!

Amanda Parker
Just Darling!

Uncommon Events
Simple but cute

Martha Stewart
And leave it to Martha Stewart.  She has a template from a girl, from a boy, from an adult and even from a pet.   

Me oh My
Although this one does cost $6 it is stinkin adorable!

Well there you go.  Here are some cute options.  Start the fire, make the hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows, play the Christmas tunes...and have the kiddos write away.

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