Monday, December 5, 2011

The beginning...

I once saw on the front of a card, "She designed a life she loved."  I feel that is me right now.  I am living a life that I have designed and love. I in NO means have a perfect life but the core things that matter most to me are intact and that is all that matters. What does this have to do with anything you ask.  Well, for a couple years now, I have been wanting to start a blog. If you look at my 'inspiration' on the side you will notice a long list of ladies whom I admire and have been following for a number of years.  I feel like I am in a place now where I can take that leap and do it. 

I always had some reason, some excuse, just something that would stop me from starting a blog.  It was a little bit of fear...I wondered if I had any talent to share with you.  The other part was embarrassment...what if I totally failed, no one followed me, and honestly what was I going to share on a daily basis.  But then I remembered why I wanted to do this.  We all have a  story. We all have something to share.  All of us are fighting some battle.  So why not help, and lift and teach and share with one another.

So here I am.  Finally doing it!  Recreating myself!!!  Growing and being vulnerable.  Isn't that how we grow?  When I say I want to share my journey with you...I mean it.  I want to be raw, and honest and truthful.  I have had an interesting life (that's a future post or two) but because of what I have gone through I feel like I must share and if I help at least one person; all of it was worth it.  But on a brighter side....I also want to post about my home, and inspiration, and having our homes be a place where we can be happy and surround ourselves with the things we love, cherish and hold close to our hearts.  I was reading on a blog (apologies but I do not have the source) about a photographer named Oberto Gili in NY who's home was featured on NYSD.  He gave a quote that a landscaper friend of his once said -

"Unless a home becomes a love affair, it is not a success.  You have to love every single little thing-if it doesn't have a memory, a story, it doesn't count."

I hope you enjoy my story....

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